Based on clients' needs, we can deliver a custom solution or product as a software/algorithm development service, or design and implement a new innovative digital solution or product as a digital innovation service.

Furthermore, we understand venture capital because we used to be the design house of a venture capital firm. We are able to work with you to design and implement a new patent portfolio to improve the company valuation.

Software and Algorithm Development as a Service

The model fulfills a client’s particular need and delivers a custom solution or product based on set requirements.

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Digital Innovation as a Service

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Focused on innovation, the digital innovation model determines the plausibility of investment in emerging technologies in comparison to the current state of the technology market.

Typically including a technical feasibility study and proof-of-concept development, this service model aims to reduce technological uncertainty and guarantee clients have full confidence in integrating an innovative digital technology solution into their medical, biotech or healthcare products.