Products and solutions empowered by digital intelligence 

Intelligent Functionalities

We help Healthcare, Biotech, and MedTech benefit from the latest innovative technologies and breakthroughs in Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence space, and then build more scalable and intelligent products.


Cloud Solutions

Button Tech delivers an agile approach to cloud transformation that accelerates your company’s strategic move to digital business or builds a user-friendly cloud-based scalable product.

From cloud advisory to cloud build, from cloud migration to next-generation enterprise cloud governance, we can be your anchor partner.

Big Data

Dedicated development teams at Button Tech create software solutions that capture, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data. 

Our big data engineers build custom cloud-based big data solutions, data science software, machine learning algorithms, and more. We install and configure big data tools as well as develop customized data science applications and reports.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) solutions allow enterprises take proactive data-driven decisions. Button Tech BI specialists implement comprehensive data warehousing and reporting solutions.

We also integrate and customize the existing BI software to give our clients suitable solutions to their business problems.

BI consultants at Button Tech have extensive experience in data extraction, data aggregation, data grouping, data modeling, and data visualization.

We apply extensive business intelligence knowledge to the best BI tools to produce compelling reports and reveal actionable recommendations for global companies.


Machine Learning and AI

Build from scratch or augment your machine learning development team with our expertise.
Button Tech specialists have years of experience in developing NLP software, chatbots, neural networks, computer vision solutions as well as customizing third-party machine learning software focusing on your specific data and business domain.
Our experts will help you build Continuous Delivery for machine learning, which allows implementing continuously repeatable cycles of training, testing, deploying, monitoring, and operating the ML models. That is especially important if you operate at a large or global scale.