The basics for digital integration

Integrated Platform

We provide software engineering solutions for popular basic platforms, including website development, mobile applications, and embedded systems. We also optimize the user experiences by integrating cross-platform development.


Website Development

Web development outsourcing services are becoming more and more popular among companies.

Button Tech can minimize costs, give you access to the world’s best web developers, and allow you to bring your product to market quickly.  

Mobile Application

With businesses needing to communicate more effectively with customers and many consumers spending over 90 hours a month on their mobile applications, having an app for your business becomes less of a want and more of a need.

At Button Tech, we utilize a collaborative mobile app development process, so our end product is exactly what you envisioned in the ideal mobile application.

IOS App Development

At Button Tech, you can build your custom iOS application based in native or hybrid technologies. Whether on an iPhone, iPad, or smartwatch, your application can function across numerous devices.

Android App Development

Android applications make up 91% of applications on the market. We can help your business stand out with custom, cost-effective Android applications.

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Embedded System

Embedded software is becoming omnipresent in both consumer and medical sectors. Most of electronic medical devices come with an embedded system. 

One of the main reasons for the increased adoption of embedded software is its use by medical device companies for increased functionality, improved quality, and reusability.

However, complexity in embedded software development and ever-changing technology trends are increasing the cost of embedded software development. That is why many companies explore the opportunity of outsourcing embedded software projects to cut costs while improving quality and time to market.

Here at Button Tech, we have been providing embedded software services and help you drive maximum value from outsourcing your embedded software project.