Flexible Models Used to Provided Software Development and Digital Innovation Services to

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma, Medical Devices, and Digital Health companies


Fixed Price Model

The fixed-price model is offered if the project scope is defined and 100% fixed. The client pays a fixed predetermined cost for the well-defined project’s scope that is agreed through a signed contract. 
A fixed price model is preferable for small or medium-scope short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements. It involves precise scope and project specifics, predefined delivery period, and fixed budget. 
When the client specifies a time frame and detailed set of requirements to the end product that isn’t likely to change throughout the project, Button Tech can provide a schedule and estimate price on the basis of project scope and complexity.

Time & Material Model

The Time & Material model facilitates an agile development process. It is simple to understand and provides the following advantages:

  • flexible and negotiable budget and low risk for both parties;

  • opportunity to pay in parts and only for the performed work;

  • perfect for large and long-term projects that can't predict the end product on the initial stages;

  • the development process starts earlier since there is no need in formulating the final requirements;

  • the client has control over the project, approves or adds any task that will be implemented on demand;

  • specifications and enhancements can be negotiated during any project stage.

One of the biggest benefits of this model is task prioritizing for development projects. Each project is divided into several separate tasks (involving features, use cases, tests, etc.).

Button Tech's project manager advises on the importance, level of complexity, way of implementation, and price of these tasks. As a result, the client can prioritize features and use cases depending on their price and relevance to the project solution. In this case, the prototype of functioning system can be developed more quickly; the client can decide when and how to implement more complicated and expensive features. Button Tech and the client will always counterpoise project requirements, understanding, and implementation.

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Incubation Model

Button Tech and clients jointly develop new products, solutions, and services. Button tech uses its expertise, especially in the VC industry, to help clients design and implement a strategic patent portfolio and/or product development plan.
Under this constellation, Button Tech and the client share the rewards for an agreed period of time. In addition, all participating organizations agree to monitor and evaluate the project objectively and unbiasedly using a standardized set of metrics applicable to all involved parties.